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  • XClamp Duplex Tamper Resistant ReceptacleEliminates the need to loop the wire
  • ON-the-GO CHARGINGConvenient Charging Stations
  • Countertop receptaclesUL Listed for countertop applications
  • Healthcare Facility Outlet AssembliesIndustry’s First UL2930 Product
  • SystemOne Floor BoxesUpward adjustable after concrete pour
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  • XCLAMP Duplex Tamper Resistant Receptacle
    XCLAMP Duplex Tamper Resistant Receptacle
    Our patented external compression eliminates the need to loop the wire and allows for wire to be quickly inserted and terminated.
  • SNAPConnect® Circuit Tester
    SNAPConnect® Circuit Tester
    Test the wiring of installed receptacles, roughed in SNAPConnect receptacle terminals and to ensure that GFCI receptacles are wired correctly.
  • RFID Enabled Devices
    RFID Enabled Devices
    These wiring devices allow owners to quickly and easily scan an entire container of cables without having to handle individual sets.
  • inSIGHT™ Disconnect
    inSIGHT™ Disconnect
    Six LEDs (3 line side/3 load side) have been incorporated into the cover providing users critical information.
  • Countertop Receptacles
    Countertop Receptacles
    First pop-up receptacle that is UL Listed for countertop applications and permanent installations.
  • Healthcare Facility Outlet Assemblies
    Healthcare Facility Outlet Assemblies
    UL2930 Listed Healthcare Facility Outlet Assemblies (HCOA) - The Industry’s First UL2930 Product.
  • Disconnect w/Jog Switch
    Disconnect w/Jog Switch
    The three position jog switch provides cost savings, additional functionality and increased safety.
  • 200A Disconnect
    200A Disconnect
    We are pleased to announce the launch of the 200A Disconnect which is the latest addition to the Circuit-Lock® family
  • USB Charging Receptacles Type-C
    USB Charging Receptacles Type-C
    Hubbell USB Chargers are available in the new Type-C port, a combination unit with Type A and C, and the legacy Type A, all with more power.
  • Recessed Furniture Feed Floor Box
    Recessed Furniture Feed Floor Box
    The AFBS1R6FF floor box is designed for use in raised access or wood floors and installs easily into a 6-inch diameter hole.
  • Floor Boxes for Raised Access Floors
    Floor Boxes for Raised Access Floors
    The AFBS1R4 floor box was designed for use in raised access or wood floors. It installs easily into a 4-inch diameter hole and is retained by two sets of retaining barbs on the side.
  • Adjustable
4-Inch Round
Floor Boxes
    Adjustable 4-Inch Round Recessed Floor Boxes
    Featuring an integral, patent pending, mounting cup which adjusts the device mounting depth to 3 inches, no matter the floor thickness
  • Dual Circuit Wall Switch Sensor
    Dual Circuit Wall Switch Sensor
    The Dual Circuit Wall Switch Sensor features all the great attributes of the WS1000xx Series line plus adjustable sensing sensitivity, and independent timers settings
    Our Zone Distribution System is a factory assembled, flexible, modular plug-n-play system that delivers power in raised floor installations.
  • 60 Amp Pin & Sleeve
    60 Amp Pin & Sleeve
    The Advantage series now includes both a 30A and 60A offering which are the first and only IEC 60309-2 Pin & Sleeve Switch-Rated Devices in the market place..
  • Temporary Lighting Video
    Temporary Lighting Video
    Hubbell Wiring Devices’ new line of temporary lighting products includes a wide range of products for the Construction Market.
  • Delivery Systems Product Guide
    Delivery Systems Product Guide
    The Delivery System Guide is designed to help installers, specifiers, and end-users select the right product from a wide variety of delivery systems.
  • Kellems® Selector
    Kellems® Selector
    Select the Kellems® Wire Management product using your phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Entertainment Industry Product Solutions
    Entertainment Industry Product Solutions
    Hubbell devices have the proven reliability to deliver secure connections that let you turn your attention to the critical details for a flawless show.
  • Marine Full Line Catalog
    Marine Full Line Catalog
    The Marine catalog features all of Hubbell's Marine products including Ship-to-Shore cable sets, Adapters, Receptacles, USB Charging Devices and more
  • Recessed Receptacles
    Recessed Receptacles
    By keeping wires hidden behind wall units and entertainment centers, the recessed boxes and receptacles provide a clean, flush look.
  • Labelless Disconnects
    Labelless Disconnects
    Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has added to its line of Circuit-Lock® Non-Metallic Disconnects a new labelless version that is made to withstand harsh environments even better than before.
  • Self-Test GFCI
    Self-Test GFCI
    Self test monitoring now required in 2015 UL 943 GFCI Safety Standard… Hubbell AUTOGUARD® GFCI receptacles continually test and monitor for “people protection capability” automatically
  • SystemOne Recessed Floor Boxes
    SystemOne Recessed Floor Boxes
    Hubbell SystemOne Recessed Floor Box line offers a common look regardless of capacity or installation.
  • Food Processing Product Solutions
    Food Processing Product Solutions
    A one-stop access to all Hubbell resources available for the food processing industry
  • Switch-Rated 
IEC Pin & Sleeve
    Switch-Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve
    Highest Performing IEC Pin & Sleeve Connections for the Most Demanding Environments
  • Sloped Top Disconnects
    Sloped Top Disconnects
    Circuit-Lock® Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnects, engineered to shed water and debris. A compact footprint allows for ample wiring space and hassle-free installation.
  • Temporary Lighting
    Temporary Lighting
    Wiring Device-Kellems adds new line of temporary industrial lighting products.
  • Watertight Devices
    Watertight Devices
    Hubbell's redesigned and expanded family of Watertight Wiring Devices. Engineered for superior water resistance and durability.
  • USB Pop-Up Box
    USB Pop-Up Box
    Ideal for work surfaces, such as desks, which require power for a computer and USB charging for smart devices.
  • Load: Logic™
    Load: Logic™
    Hubbell plug load solutions control receptacles and reduce energy consumption.
  • SNAPConnect USB Receptacle
    SNAPConnect USB Receptacle
    The SNAPConnect USB receptacle combines the installation benefits of the modular SNAPConnect device system with the charging performance of Hubbell USB charger receptacles.
  • USB Charging Centers
    USB Charging Centers
    Hubbell gives you more ways to charge faster.
    Charge devices simultaneously!
  • SystemOne 4" FRPT
    SystemOne 4" FRPT
    With recessed connectivity, a low-profile flange, and egress doors that hinge inward, the entire line is designed to offer improved safety.
  • Metal Raceway
    Metal Raceway
    Hubbell adds the HBL700 Series to its Metal Raceway line, white color option is also available.
  • Twist-Lock® Selector
    Twist-Lock® Selector
    Quickly identify and choose a specific Twist-Lock device and view related products. Available on your tablet, phone or desktop.
  • USB Charger 4 Port Outlet
    USB Charger 4 Port Outlet
    Designed to provide maximum charging for personal electronics, the USB ports are capable of delivering a total of 5 amps to multiple electronics simultaneously.
    Tough energy management controls for harsh and demanding environments where traditional products may not survive.
  • Hubbell University
    Hubbell University
    These rich-media training courses are great way to keep current on Hubbell products .
  • Healthcare Application Guide
    Healthcare Application Guide
    Healthcare Application Guide featuring Hospital Grade Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles and more shown by facility area.
  • Entertainment Product Solution Guide
    Entertainment Product Solution Guide
    Hubbell devices have the proven reliability to deliver secure connections that let you turn your attention to the critical details for a flawless show, no matter what the venue.
  • Trench Duct / Wall Duct
    Trench Duct / Wall Duct
    The Hubbell Trench system is an in-floor wire management system for high capacity wiring needs that require multiple circuit separation.
  • Manufacturing Facility eTour
    Manufacturing Facility eTour
    This interactive, virtual tour of a manufacturing facility takes users through 14 different spaces on a manufacturing floor.
  • 2013 Full Line Catalog
    2013 Full Line Catalog
    The new Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems catalog showcases our enhanced product offering to provide a breadth of solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential markets.
  • Education eTour Relaunch
    Education eTour Relaunch
    Hubbell Education eTour offers virtual look at educational setting, with the addition of 140 product callouts.
  • SNAPConnect®
Surge Protective Devices
    SNAPConnect® Surge Protective Devices
    Tamper-Resistant SNAPConnect® surge receptacles solves three needs with one product
  • Hubbell SystemOne
    Hubbell SystemOne
    Recessed 6 and 8 inch fire-rated poke-throughs.
  • Integrating AV Systems
    Integrating AV Systems
    Delivering complete Audio-Visual solutions
  • SNAPConnect®
    Announcing four new additions to its SNAPConnect® receptacle line.
  • Large Capacity Wall Box
    Large Capacity Wall Box
    The Hubbell Large Capacity Wall Boxes are the ideal solution for in wall applications requiring AV, data and power.
  • 20 AMP and Hospital Grade USB Charger Receptacles
    20 AMP and Hospital Grade USB Charger Receptacles
    Designed with commercial / industrial grade qualities.