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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Publishes New SpikeShield Surge Protective Devices Brochure
Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has updated its SpikeShield Surge Protective Devices brochure to feature the new panel surge product line, UL 2930 Health Care Outlet Assemblies (HCOAs), UL 1449 Surge Strips, and UL 1449 Surge Receptacles in a comprehensive, single publication. 


Hubbell’s enclosure-style panel surge products range from 320 kA peak current rating to 120 kA peak current rating with replaceable surge modules. These panel surge devices are all Type 1 surge protective devices (SPDs), as categorized by Underwriters Laboratories, and are UL 1449 Listed. The panels may be installed on the line side or load side of a facility’s service entrance. 


Hubbell’s industry-first UL 2930 HCOAs are the only UL Listed devices approved by The Joint Commission and The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for use in patient care areas. This product line is available in 15A and 20A models with a variety of cord lengths. Hubbell also offers a non-surge-protected RPT version in 15A and 20A models. These are ideal for facilities that utilize surge protection at the panel and do not need further surge protection at the point of use. 


In addition, Hubbell offers a wide range of UL 1449 Type 3 surge protective strips. From heavy-duty models featuring hospital-grade receptacles and plugs to lighter-duty, non-metallic models, Hubbell has surge strips for every application – even the factory floor!


Nobody offers a broader line of surge receptacles than Hubbell. Hubbell’s offering includes units with or without an audible alarm, specification-grade versions, hospital-grade versions, isolated ground versions, as well as a labor-saving SNAPConnect version for projects where labor savings is important. All models are available in a wide variety of colors to fit every application. 


All of these innovative, high-quality surge protective devices can be found in Hubbell’s new SpikeShield Surge Protective Devices brochure or in its full catalog online.