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The New 360-degree Healthcare eTour
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New Healthcare eTour from Hubbell Lets Users Explore Devices in Virtual Healthcare Environments

Hubbell Wiring Systems is excited to announce a new addition to its virtual eTour library: an interactive, 360-degree Healthcare eTour. This eTour showcases details about high-performance Hubbell Wiring Devices, Delivery Systems and Data & Communications products. These devices can be deployed in healthcare environments to support power, data, voice, and multimedia.

This hands-on, fully immersive virtual tour gives users an up-close look at nine different areas within a healthcare environment, including patient-care spaces, laboratories, diagnostic areas, parking garages, and food and laundry rooms.

As users navigate their way through the online, 360-degree setting, they can analyze individual areas and explore the Hubbell solutions that are designed to support each aspect of a hospital.

While virtually exploring the healthcare campus, users can learn more about each featured Hubbell solution. For example, within the “rooftop” area of the Healthcare eTour, visitors can choose to learn more about disconnect switches, weatherproof covers, GFCI receptacles, and watertight conduit systems by clicking on the appropriate icons. This connects them to specific information about each solution, including product benefits, features, photos, and ordering information.

“The 360-degree Healthcare eTour is yet another interactive tool created by Hubbell to connect users with solutions that promote safety, energy efficiency, installation efficiency, and high performance in healthcare environments,” says John Carroll, vice president of marketing for Hubbell Wiring Systems. “Now our customers can visualize exactly how and where Hubbell products are installed in healthcare settings, select which solutions they’re most interested in, and read about the features and benefits they offer.”