Case Studies

Occupancy Sensors and Energy Savings University Students Fund Occupancy Sensors and Energy Savings
The Student Sustainability Committee awarded $20,000 to the University’s Facilities & Services Unit for the installation of energy‐savings occupancy sensors in three campus buildings.
Hubbell Occupancy Sensors Early Childhood Centers Do More than Educate Kids
These early education centers are doing more than teaching—they’re also going green with Hubbell Occupancy Sensors.
To help cut energy costs and consumption in the highest energy consuming locations, Knowledge Universe implemented Hubbell H-MOSS Occupancy Sensors in more than 1,000 education centers throughout the country.
Hospital Data Center New Hospital Data Center Leads to Innovative High-Density Fiber Solution Base
As a modern facility providing a full spectrum of quality patient care services from emergency to cancer treatment, cardiology, maternity, mental health and home healthcare, Licking Memorial Hospital (LMH) in Newark, Ohio is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology.
Raised Hubbell’s Raised Floor Solutions Bring Flexibility and Function to Scott Air Force Base
The new 200,000 square-foot multi-use office facility was designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate frequent mission changes, which is precisely why they decided to deploy a raised-access floor system.
School energy savings School District Takes Action to Save Energy at New Headquarters
When Kim Kennedy, manager of central facilities for LAUSD, began to notice lights being left on in spaces such as bathrooms, supply closets, break rooms and empty offices, she decided to implement occupancy sensors to ensure that lights automatically went of in vacant spaces.
UCLA energy savings Going Green Across the UCLA Campus
New construction on the UCLA campus complies with California Energy Commision's Title 24, and Hubbell H-Moss Occupancy Sensors are a key part of that compliance.
Lunds energy savings High End Supermarket Chain Deploys Green Lighting
Hubbell H-MOSS Occupancy Sensors were an energy savings solution chosen by by Lunds and Byerly's for all of their 21 supermarkets. As part of their commitment to lowering energy consumtion, Lunds and Bryerly's supermarkets has deployed the Hubbell Occupancy sensors in break rooms, rest rooms,office areas, and storage rooms.