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inREACH™ Industrial & Weatherproof Cord Reels
Hubbell’s redesigned inREACH™ Industrial and Industrial Weatherproof Cord Reels enhance user safety and maximize efficiency by managing cord and power in a safe and organized manner, while also meeting the demands of tough industrial environments.
8/10-Gang Floor Boxes for Concrete and Raised Access Floors
Hubbell’s CFB10G and AFB10G Series 10-gang boxes can be utilized as 8-gang boxes by using Hubbell’s NEMA mounting plates. The plates allow for an open system wiring, which means the boxes and mounting plates can be used with all NEMA spaced Data/AV devices.
Entertainment Product Solution Guide
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems products tailored to the entertainment industry's requirements for durability, aesthetics and safety.
Stainless Steel Weatherproof Flip Covers
Stainless steel weatherproof flip covers are suitable for use in applications where corrosion and sanitation are vital concerns.
Dual-Certified IEC Pin & Sleeve Devices
Certain North American and International configurations are electrically identical. These devices are ideal for the data center and high-tech server industry because the same device can be used for multiple electrical applications globally.
Circuit-Lock® Motor Disconnects with Jog Switch
Hubbell Disconnects with an integral jog switch provide convenience, safety and savings. They are designed to withstand harsh environments with exposure to water, chemicals,oils and frequent wash downs.
inSIGHT Data Monitoring
Hubbell’s line of intelligent Data Monitoring devices provide data directly at the point of use for analytics while helping to predict potential process changes.
Stage Pin
Hubbell Stage Pin devices solve many of the problems commonly experienced when using these types of devices. The devices are lightweight, impact resistant, ergonomic, easy to wire with removable contacts that snap into place, and feature a removable, highly heat resistant sleeve.
Asset Monitoring Wiring Devices
Hubbell’s RFID enabled wiring devices allow or quick and easy scans of an entire container without having to handle individual cable sets.
Low Voltage Wall Switches with 0-10V Dimming
The Hubbell Low Voltage Wall Switch with 0-10V dimming is the absolute choice for applications where occupancy-based control and low voltage dimming are desired. The compact switch design is ideal for use in private offices, conference rooms, classrooms and multimedia learning centers.