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The Hubbell Solution - Tamper Resistant Electrical Products

Hubbell's Tamper Resistant MechanismHubbell proudly manufactures the best tamper-resistant electrical receptacles available today. Specializing in commercial grade outlets and heavy duty receptacles, Hubbell wants you to take the TR Receptacle Challenge. We're so confident that our tamper-resistant outlet products will meet and exceed your expectations that we're offering a free sample.

Tamper Resistant Benefits
Safety Made Easy

Did you know thousands of people are injured annually in electrical outlet-related incidents? Hubbell TR outlets incorporate internal mechanisms to limit access to energized internal components.

Tamper Resistant Benefits
Reduced Insertion force

Safety does not have to come at the cost of convenience. Hubbell tamper-resistant products operate effectively like other regular outlets, requiring little to no extra effort to use.

Tamper Resistant Benefits
Patented Dual Action Mechanism

Patented technology helps Hubbell tamper-resistant outlets stand out from the crowd with spring-loaded shutters and NEC-compliant technology.

Tamper Resistant Benefits
Buy American Compliant

Hubbell is committed to meeting project requirements and providing U.S. government procurement-eligible products, including TR receptacles.

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Line Brochure

Hubbell's full line of tamper-resistant electrical devices.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty, specification grade tamper-resistant duplex receptacles

Commercial Grade

Commercial tamper-resistant specification grade duplex receptacles

Mechanism Video

Video featuring Hubbell's patented shutter mechanism.