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Safety Product Guide
Hubbell safety solutions to increase the safety of working environments, enhance productivity, reduce downtime and limit liability.
Hubbell Circuit-Lock® Motor Disconnects
Guide to Circuit-Lock® Disconnects, including non-metallic and stainless steel switched disconnect enclosures, disconnects with LED indicators, MotorQuick® disconnect switches, mechanical interlocks and unfused disconnects for hazardous locations
Hubbell-PRO 15A & 20A 250V Duplex Receptacles
The unique construction allows for successful installation in panel mount applications, such as indoor horicultural lighting controls, and AV and power distribution rack equipment.
Extra Heavy Duty Industrial GFCI Receptacles
Hubbell’s Exclusive Extra Heavy Duty Industrial GFR is specifically designed and built to withstand demanding applications and environments. Tamper-Resistant and Weather Resistant as standard construction.
Tamper-Resistant Receptacles
Hubbell’s patented Cam Action Technology makes inserting a plug as easy as plugging into a standard receptacle. This design has been incorporated into our Industrial, Hospital, Commercial and Residential receptacles. This broad offering ensures the right quality product for all projects.
Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve Devices
Highest Performing IEC Pin & Sleeve Connections for the Most Demanding Environments, now available in 30A, 60A and 100A.
Weather Resistant USB Receptacles
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems announces its new weather-resistant USB charging receptacle. Now, being outdoors no longer means worrying about finding a charging source.
IEC Pin and Sleeve Devices
The Best Just Got Better: Hubbell IEC pin and sleeve devices, now with superior performance, improved durability and increased installation efficiency.
Outdoor Light Kit with Occupancy Sensor
The Hubbell Outdoor Light Kit with Occupancy Sensor is an IP65 weatherproof commercial grade unit ideal for single story facilities and residences. It has two super bright LED floodlight heads that produce an even light distribution of nearly 2,000 lumens for a reliable solution for general outdoor lighting applications.
Load:Logic® Control Panels
The Hubbell Load:Logic panels are self-contained load control systems. All inputs are low voltage and hard-wired to terminal blocks in the panel. Input power supply is multi-tapped for typical service voltages. Line voltage terminals are located with generous space for easy connection.